Cabinet of Curiosity

Exploring the Cabinet of Curiosity, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

The Cabinet of Curiosity is the result of a re:collect collaboration to make contemporary art that responds to place. The Cabinet is touring museums, festivals, arts, educational and heritage sites in the West Midlands and Wales, at each venue the contents of the Cabinet changes as the re:collect artists make artwork in response to the particular exhibition site. There are tiny spaces and secret places for visitors to discover the contemporary artworks and artefacts hidden in drawers or playing on miniature screens inside. re:collect are proud to present the Cabinet of Curiosity and welcome comments from visitors on what they find there in.


“I really felt the presence of the people who made all those tiny remains.”

“It made me think about how we try to contain the past in tiny boxes and hide things away in drawers.”

“I loved the cabinet of curiosities – open to exploration, touch, interaction and with mysteries.”

“It’s the detail that draws me in. It helps me and holds my attention.”

“It’s a counterpoint to the Museum collection, a C19th cabinet on floor below in glass case, Natural History collections, birds eggs, seashells, butterflies.”

“The little video in the cabinet was shocking. For me it portrayed our ability to detach ourselves from suffering. People passing and photographing an ‘exhibit’ – which is in fact a portrait of a past person’s suffering and death.”

“The cabinet is wonderful it will take ages to see it all.”